Troy Hemus

Full time fitness entrepreneur. Iv always had a athletic background, always been out going, competitive, motivated & hardworking! But only until I found the gym did I enjoy what I was doing! Not only changing my life but inspiring others to do the same! I don't just want to change physiques and lives but I want to change the world, I want to show anyone that anything is possible

Instagram: @Troy.Hemus
Twitter: @TroyHemus
Snapchat: Troy.Hemus

Scott Swench

Full time PT, Youtube and entrepeneur. After finding myself out of shape, lacking confidence and self esteem at 18 years old i decided to start my fitness journey in the gym. I went on to train and compete in MMA at a semi-professional Level and then gradually fell in love with bodybuilding. I started competing in bodybuilding 2015 and haven't looked back since. I had a regular 9-5 jos just like everyone but always made time for my true passion which was training. I quit my job and took the plunge to pursue the dream and passion of Personal Training, Body Transformations and Bodybuilding. With nearly 10 years of training experience i now train people full time helping them reach their goals. My goal is to inspire and motivate every single person that comes across my profile and content and be a positive figure to anyone looking that bit of inspiration.

Instagram: @Scott_swench
Twitter: @Scott_Swench
Snapchat: Scott_Swench

Jordan Sedrick

Full time carpenter and a part time personal trainer. I first got into training by watching old Arnold Schwarzenegger films and being amazed by the physique that he had and then decided that was how I wanted to look when I grew up.
I am always motivated to train and eat correctly due to my love of challenging myself and seeing how far I am able to push myself. As far as the future goes I am planning on competing regularly and developing my physique to a pro standard. I am always changing my goals as I am never satisfied which helps feed my motivation to train and push harder. I am very lucky and fortunate to be surrounded by such like minded individuals enabling us all too push and motivate each other daily and that's what makes us Swench Gang.

Instagram: @JJsederick
Snapchat: Sedderick

Theo Robinson

Currently working in logistics dealing with import & export of containers in and out the whole of the United Kingdom and also a Personal Trainer, transformation specialist and life coach. Staying in shape for me is paramount. Growing up playing for Coventry City the importance was even greater after 8 year spell which ended due to injury, I later recovered and went on to play for Chasetown for 4 season, then decided my career wasn't being fulfilled due to the decision of others so I felt my hopes and dreams were being affected, at the end of the season I decided to quit playing football. Fitness is my livelihood, so I found bodybuilding gave me the motivation & competitive edge I needed, it was a sport my best friends were into Aswel so for me it was a no brainier. Now my motivation is being a role model for my 1-2-1 and online clients as I spend a lot of time competing nationally and As a personal trainer I feel the best possible way to grow in the industry Is to look the part, I truly believe You are your own business card.

Instagram: @TheoRobinson25
Snapchat: TheoR25
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