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Do You want to change your life for the better and be in the best shape you ever have been? And only in 6 weeks time?
Real People, Real Results. Our 6 Week Programme is completely tailored to the individual to ensure progress each and every week. The challenge is designed for everyone and anyone who wants to take their training to another level, break through a current plateau or simply just add some focus in their life and finally get the results they’ve been looking for. No Matter what your starting point is we guarantee you will be in the best shape you’ve ever been in by the end of the programme, all we ask is you give 100% and we will do the same in return.


Once you have signed up, you will complete an initial check in via our website, which gives us all the information we need to out together your plans. Depending on when you sign up, expect to receive your plans in full 1 week prior to the challenge starting. This way everyone starts on a level playing field.
Once the challenge begins, you follow the plans set out for you. You are able to go back and forth with us throughout the week via email with any questions and then we have our main check in on a Friday. Check ins have to be in my midnight on the Friday to ensure we can get your updates across to you for the following week.

You check in via our website and update us on how the week has gone, Weigh in, progress photos, any problems, anything you’re not keen on, or you feel isn’t working etc. and from there we make any adjustments needed to make sure we are making progress each and every week.

We essentially coach you for the whole 6 weeks and tailor the whole program to you whatever your goal may be, whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, increase fitness or just increase your training knowledge in general we can fit the program to you.

The Challenge is £100 To enter. That literally works out to £10 a week. This covers you for everything included in the challenge, and puts you in for the chance to win £1000 Prize Money at the end.
So the Challenge consists of 6 Weeks of 1-1 Coaching courtesy of Scott Swench & Troy Hemus. That Includes the following:
• Custom Nutrition Plan (Macro Calculated & Set Meal Plans)
• Custom Training Programme (Completely Tailored to the individual)
• Supplementation Plan
• Weekly Check In with us Via Your own personal username and login on the website.
• 24/7 Online Support Via Email
• Discount on all 1-1 Training Sessions
£80.00 (42 Days) Cancel Anytime



For the best results We advise gym usage, however its not essential. We have many clients take part who for many different reasons can’t attend the gym to which we provide home workouts for and other alternative training protocols.
One of the main things we like to promote is balance and creating a healthy lifestyle. This includes being able to work around events, holidays etc . So yes, anything you have planned that falls during the challenge will be worked around.
All plans are tailored to the individual. This includes any eating requirements, so we cater to everyone no matter what their preference, Vegetarian, Pescatarian Vegan etc.
Once again, all plans are tailored to your needs so if there’s anything your unable to do due to an injury we will always work around that and provide alternatives. As far as health issues as long as you have the all clear from your GP to participate in exercise then you can take part in the challenge.
No problem at all, The challenge is open for everyone no matter what your level of experience is. W create custom plans to suit the individual and that includes beginners.
We ask for weekly photos as part of your check in procedure to gauge progress and also for you to have a before and after to show for yourself. All photos are completely confidential and stay strictly between you and us. Only once given permission would we ever use your before & afters to show progress and promote the challenge.
All plans are tailored to the individual so we can’t guarantee they will be exactly the same, however if notified in the beginning we will do our best to make yours and your partners plans compatible with each other.
Yes Everything will be accounted for when creating your plans, Including working around shift patterns and working hours.


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